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(توصية صديق(موظف

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تفاصيل ولي الأمر الذي يرغب بتسجيل إبنه/ بنته
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1. Referrals to be submitted online on each school website. The details of referred parents to be filled in through online process in advance (atleast 2 days) before the enrollment / admission Staff or Parent of a particular school can refer his friends and relatives to other Athena school.

2. Modifications to the online details of referred parents are not allowed once submitted.

3. The staff/parent will be eligible for incentive only against staff referral, he/she is not eligible to claim additional incentive as a Parent referral.

4. The referred friend will be eligible for other discounts as per the Fees / admission Policy effective on the relevant date.

5. If the referred friend’s details already exist on our system either as a current parent or as an existing enquiry and is being followed up by the admission team, the refer a friend referral will not be applicable.

6. The referrer must be a staff member or parent of Athena Education.

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